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Event management

AEIDL can coordinate the entire organisation of symposia, conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings and all other types of events.

Since 1988, as part its programme coordination work (LEADER, EQUAL, FARNET, LIFE, etc.) or for ad hoc contracts, AEIDL has organised hundreds of events, covering many different topics and ranging in size from 20 to 2,000 participants. This includes events in Brussels and in many other places in the European Union. The role of AEIDL – whether alone or in partnership with local operators – involves both the planning of an event’s content and logistical support.

Mostly with a European focus, events and any other opportunities for exchange organised by AEIDL are multilingual, multicultural and use interactive techniques. Video conferencing is also frequently used.

These events can also require the provision of other ancillary services (presentations, stands, exhibitions) and publications (case studies, conference minutes and proceedings, evaluation reports, thematic reports) and can be handled by AEIDL.

Here you can find some examples of events.