(24 April 2019) - AEIDL is currently looking for specialists in the field of communication to be included in a proposal addressed to European Institutions.


(11 April 2019) - The European Migrant Entrepreneurship Network (EMEN) has enjoyed and will continue to benefit from a very active first semester of 2019 in order to further strengthen existing support schemes for migrant entrepreneurs.


(14 March 2019) - Still considered as reference sources in rural development, LEADER publications produced between 1995 and 2001 are now easily accessible online for research and consultation.


(11 March 2019) - Social Innovation Community (SIC) has just released a Yearbook summarising some of the SIC activity, and the project’s impact on the social innovation ecosystem in Europe.


(11 February 2019) - NEEMO EEIG, of which AEIDL is a partner, is looking for an experienced communications coordinator who will be responsible for planning, directing and overseeing all communications activities within the LIFE programme Communications and Events team.


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