Our Baltic

(23 April 2021) - AEIDL produced an in-depth report documenting the ‘Our Baltic’ conference, as well as creating a video to raise awareness about the pressing environmental and socio-economic issues of the Baltic Sea region.


(09 April 2021) - In a recent report, the German international cooperation agency (GIZ) demonstrates that territorial approaches provide the right operational framework for interventions involving multiple sectors and stakeholders, and are often tailored to local conditions.


(08 April 2021) - From cultural exchange to capacity building, local players are a key part of the European integration of Western Balkan and Eastern European countries and need more support.


(12 March 2021) - A driving force for sustainable development, rural women however still face major challenges. This article draws attention to examples of initiatives driven by women in which AEIDL is involved, and presents some policy perspectives.