Associate member.

Eveline Durieux began her career at AEIDL in 1992 as head of the documentation department for the LEADER European network. Specialising in the creation of information systems, she built and compiled terminologies, including the multilingual thesaurus RURALVOC.

Involved in the methodological aspects of LEADER II (1996-2001), she contributed to the thematic working groups "Environment" and "Innovation" and to the "Pedagogical Kit". She was also involved in training local development officers and eco-advisers on the "LEADER method" and European Structural Funds. Subsequently, she participated in the interim evaluation of the LEADER program (2003-2005) for France and Wallonia.

In 2004, she joined the LIFE communications team, where she helped to strengthen the projects database. Since 2009, she has held the position of Knowledge Transfer Facilitator I the LIFE team, with responsibility for organising the dissemination of the LIFE programme results and participating in thematic events.