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The GOAL project is a grassroots initiative which aims to heal divisions across the divided communities in Derry and across the border in County Donegal. Led by Creggan Neighbourhood Partnership, the project is located in dense structures and networks of community organisation which have evolved from a cooperative social economy model set up over 20 years ago by Creggan Enterprises Ltd.

Executive summary

The GOAL project is a grassroots initiative mobilising the divided Catholic/Nationalist and Protestant/Loyalist communities in Derry and across the border in County Donegal. The aim of the project is to promote reconciliation and a sense of shared community to replace the historic pattern of conflict and social segregation. The project targets groups directly affected by the conflict including former prisoners and their support groups, victims and their families and communities. Activities include: cultural awareness and community relations training; exchanges and visits involving cross-border and cross-community groups; young and older people working together on research and awareness projects, and exhibitions and interpretation of history in local communities.

Creggan Neighbourhood Partnership, the lead partner in GOAL, is an umbrella structure of community organisations and runs a number of inter-linked social and community initiatives in the neighbourhood. All four partner organisations in GOAL are strongly community and volunteer-based. GOAL and associated projects are implemented in the wider community infrastructure, Creggan Enterprises. Creggan Enterprises, in operation now for over 20 years, evolved from a community-led drive for jobs and regeneration in one of Northern Ireland’s most rundown, neglected and conflict-ridden neighbourhoods, the Catholic/Nationalist Creggan. It established and now manages a retail and enterprise park and community facilities – the Ráth Mór Centre and Business Park – using a social economy model. Results have been impressive in terms of direct investment into the Creggan (over €12 million), jobs for local people (290 direct jobs) and commitment to community empowerment and ownership and healing divisions. The structures of community organisation in the Creggan face many challenges, not least those presented by the current economic crisis, tighter public funding budgets as well as ongoing challenges to the peace process.

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Technical information


Community enterprise counters poverty and conflict in the Creggan

Member State and Region

United Kingdom - Northern Ireland - Derry

Duration of project

39 months (10.2008 to 31.12.2011)


Total budget: 428 941 € - ERDF contribution: 289 721 €

Cohesion Policy Objective


Managing Authority

MA: Single European Union Programme Body (SEUPB)

Consortium of the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council and Pobal (IRL) appointed by SEUPB to manage Priority 1.2, PEACE III.

CCI nr of OP

2007CB163PO047 OP PEACE III 'Northern Ireland, the Border Region of Ireland and Western Scotland' – European Territorial Co-operation 2007–2013


Conal McFeeley, Development Executive, Creggan Enterprises Ltd

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Social infrastructure, Social Innovation