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The ERDF-cofinanced project ‘We want to live and work like you’, based in the small city of Šumperk in the Czech Republic, enabled the establishment of a new centre providing innovative social services for persons with mental and combined disabilities. The centre includes daycare services, protected employment and facilities for protected housing and respite care. Social rehabilitation is being achieved by a method of supported employment.

Executive summary

The ‘We want to live and work like you’ project converted an old school building in the city of Šumperk, in the remote north-east of the Czech Republic, into a new centre which provides severely mentally disabled people with daycare, a protected workshop, protected housing, respite care and social rehabilitation. In addition, the method of supported employment for persons with mental and combined disabilities plays a central role. The project was implemented by an experienced and dedicated local NGO, the Society for the Support of People with Mental Disability.

There are two main outcomes: new social services that were badly needed in the region are now available, and the beneficiary’s innovative up-to-date approach ensures that the employment opportunities and quality of life of the disabled people and their family carers have started improving. In this way, the project fulfils the city’s community social services plan as well as the regional and national social inclusion and employment strategies.

The project provides an example of a dedicated NGO, which teamed up with public and private partners in its region and managed to open a brand new and sustainable social services centre serving the citizens of a significant area – with the help of the ERDF.

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Technical information


We want to live and work like you

Member State and Region

Czech Republic - Olomoucký Kraj (NUTS3), Střední Morava (NUTS 2)

Duration of project

36 months (2.3.2009 – 29.2.2012)


Total Budget: 33 002 987 CZK (approx. 1 274 576 €)

ERDF Contribution: 28 052 539 CZK (approx. 1 083 109 €)

Cohesion Policy Objective


Managing Authority

Regional Council of the Central Moravia region - Section for European Affairs - CZ-779 00 Olomouc

CCI nr of OP

2007CZ161PO002 Regional Operational Programme Central Moravia


Ing. Mgr. Nataša Vykydalová, President of the Society for Support of People with Mental Disabilities in the Czech Republic

Tel: +420 583 21 39 10


www.spmp-sumperk.cz (CZ)


Social infrastructure (community centres, housing, childcare, etc.), Social inclusion