Our projects

Employment, activity, equality, citizenship - development for all

AEIDL would like to contribute to helping citizens become actively involved in constructing a democratic Europe, open to the world, unified in its cultural diversity and benefiting from this diversity.

Established in the context of ELISE, the European network for the exchange of information on local employment, AEIDL is regularly involved in programmes, projects or missions involving, either directly or indirectly, employment, start-ups, socio-occupational integration, equal opportunities and citizenship.

Business start-ups in an urban or rural setting, the adaptation or development of business activities, the spreading of new technologies or new forms of work organisation, and interventions in support of young people, women, immigrants and other vulnerable groups are all topics with which the AEIDL team are familiar.

At the same time, AEIDL is also regularly involved in projects that aim to bring the concept of Europe closer to its citizens, encouraging interaction between citizens and civil society organisations and promoting dialogue between cultures.