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The Thot school was created to put an end to the absence of available awarding language training for refugees and asylum seekers in France.

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(04 July 2019) - Thot was the Egyptian God that embodied the concept of Knowledge. His mission was to spread his knowledge, hence his invention of language. This symbol epitomizes our mission: to convey, through language, a possibility to all individuals to fulfil their potential, in France.

The Thot team was created in 2015 over the course of various support and advocacy campaigns for refugees and asylum seekers. In spite of their diverse nationalities, their coequally harrowing stories, and their disparate social backgrounds, one, same question seemed to be on everyone's lips: "Where can we learn French?"

Learning sessions last 4 months, which is the amount of time deemed necessary to pass from one level to the next. Each learning session is comprised of 160 hours of class, tailored to suit the needs and levels of students. Registration fees cost €7. In order to ensure continuous attendance, sessions are always scheduled during times where administrative offices are closed (on weeknights and weekends).

All-status learners (refugees, asylum-seekers, people placed under the Dublin procedure and others) are welcome but Thot's classes are primarily aimed at those who have yet to reach the baccalaureate (end of secondary) level. Integration structures are currently working to register post-secondary certificated people in universities

Thot commits itself to accompanying students to the acquisition of the DELF Pro (which attests to one's ability to interact in a professional setting depending on the level of the language). The degree is delivered after both a written and an oral exam. It therefore matches the requirements of an international degree, recognized by the French government.

Volunteers who want to work with Thot are requested to be available 2 hours per week during 4 months. The association relies on donations since it is entirely managed by volunteers and only teachers and teaching managing team are paid.

Since the first session in June 2016, the school has registered more than 400 learners of all ages from 26 countries, including Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrea, Chad and Tibet.

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