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Migrants often find it difficult to make use of their professional skills in their host country, but a project that started in Paris last year, La Fabrique Nomade (The Nomadic Factory), is working with migrants to value their hidden talents.

La Fabrique nomade
© Samy Archimède

(16 June 2017) - The association has a threefold objective: to uncover migrants’ skills, to change the way they are perceived by the host community, and to help them integrate professionally.

The idea for La Fabrique Nomade was first mooted by Inès Mesmar, the founder, around a year and a half ago. During a casual conversation, she discovered that before her mother came to France, she had been an embroiderer for about ten years in the Medina of Tunis.

Inès did some investigation, and realized that her mother was far from being an isolated case.

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