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With partners from across Europe, AEIDL has established ECOLISE, a European network to support local, community-based action on climate change.

In cities, towns, villages and rural areas across Europe, small, groups of people are coming together, meeting in living rooms, cafés and community centres, to develop and implement practical, local initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the dependence on fossil fuels, and to strengthen the resilience and sustainability of their communities.

The number of these groups is increasing at an impressive rate, with over 2000 groups now known to be active, but with the real number more likely to be double this figure. The common characteristic of these groups is that they are established and driven by local people (bottom-up), acting on their own initiative and guided by the desire to take action within their own communities to respond to the threat of climate change and ecological degradation.

The focus is on promoting a shift to a post carbon, post-consumerist society: one that gives priority to economic and social practices that value, protect and enhance natural and social capital, thereby helping to strengthen resilience and overcome existing environmental, economic and social problems. These local groups are action oriented, with a clear focus on bringing about positive change within their own geographical areas.

Through their actions, they are also creating a platform for wider behavioural change within their communities, challenging existing beliefs and practices and establishing a supportive environment for new norms to emerge and develop. They are also having an important catalytic effect, helping to inspire action in other communities by acting as role models and a source of ideas, expertise and good practices.

In this context, AEIDL has produced a study on these groups and launched with partners from across Europe a European network to support local, community-based action on climate change - ECOLISE, the European Network for Community-Led initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability.