Our projects

Intelligent development

AEIDL’s activities encompass sustainable local development in its broader sense. This includes sustainable development and the environment, territorial development (rural, urban, fisheries areas, regions), employment and social affairs, support to territorial authorities and businesses, and the promotion of democracy and citizenship.

By developing know-how in these areas, and by sharing and transferring know-how (territorial policies in countries outside the EU, for example), AEIDL has accumulated an impressive stock of knowledge, both tacit and practical, and codified and technical.

“Intelligent” development is development that takes the territory, solidarity and future generations into account.

AEIDL’s activities always include these three principles, even though each contract has its own dominant focus - which can be more environmental, more social or more territorial. Respect of these three principles has opened the door to the main projects in which AEIDL is or has been involved.