(14 September 2021) - AEIDL is pleased to invite you to the AEIDL Talks with Jeanne Bretécher on “Digital transition for social good organisations” scheduled on 21 September, 2021 from 2pm to 3pm CET.


The digital transition of organisations that work and innovate for the general interest is unfortunately not sufficiently taken into account by public authorities, companies and investors. It is however an essential condition for innovation and for a European competitiveness centered on democratic values, social justice and the environment.

In this AEIDL Talks, Jeanne Bretécher presents the work of the Social Good Acceleration. The organisation represents the interests and values of European Social Tech by working on the digital commons of the social economy and civil society. They rely on committed networks and organisations that innovate every day to develop Social Tech in Europe, working on three pillars: collective actions around a committed European community, European lobbying actions conducted from Brussels, and research and case studies on inspiring digital models of the Social Economy.

Jeanne Bretécher is the President and co-founder of the Social Good Accelerator. She has fifteen years of experience in the SSE sector, CSR support, consulting and general interest project management. She lives between Paris and Brussels and divides her time between her activity as Director of Consulting at YOurmission, the Social Good Accelerator and her responsibilities as a qualified personality within the Higher Commission for Digital and Postal Services.