(21 April 2015) - AEIDL's Annual Report 2014 is now available online.

(13 April 2015) – The URBACT Secretariat has chosen an AEIDL-led team of experts to do a study on the “Production and implementation of Local Action Plans within URBACT networks”.

(30 March 2015) - An advisor on agriculture and rural development for the European institutions for 30 years, Hannes Lorenzen paints a rather critical picture of the current European Parliament, and more generally of the lack of vision of the EU institutions in the context of multiple crisis. Nevertheless, he remains convinced that a generous and sustainable Europe can be rebuilt, based on a local citizen-led dynamic.

(17 March 2015) - AEIDL will welcome Hannes Lorenzen, Advisor on Agriculture and Rural Development for the Greens/European Free Alliance in the European Parliament on the occasion of its General Assembly on 28 March 2015. “The inside view of the new European Parliament” will be the theme of his presentation and of the debate that will follow.

(06 March 2015) - By Bruxelles Environnement Jury decision dated February 10, 2015, a two-star "Entreprise écodynamique” label was awarded to AEIDL.