Enrique Nieto / Yves Champetier

(26 November 2020) - Coincidentally, two Spanish media recently interviewed two AEIDL experts. El Diario Montañés (Santander) interviewed Enrique Nieto on the issue of "intelligent territories". El Comercio (Asturias) published an interview with Yves Champetier on the revitalisation of rural areas.


(25 November 2020) - AEIDL is seeking a Research and Policy Support Officer (Employment and Social Policy) to support the Business Development Unit and the Employment, Entrepreneurship and Inclusion Unit.


(18 November 2020) - AEIDL, in cooperation with ICLEI, organised a workshop at the European Week of Regions and Cities to inspire European, national, regional and local government officials and experts on sustainable public procurement.


(30 October 2020) - Enrique Nieto and Lucia Garrido (AEIDL) attended the first working session of the SHERPA EU MAP’s Coordination Group that took place online on 8 October 2020.


(16 October 2020) - On 8 October, DG MARE and the FARNET Support Unit, co-managed by AEIDL, won the first prize of the 1st Corporate Competition on Sustainable Conferences and Events. The prize was awarded for the “Post 2020 – Local Action in a Changing World” conference organised by FARNET on 2-4 December 2019 in Brussels.