(02 November 2020) - OECD has just published the latest edition of its Rural Development Framework, which has for 40 years been helping guide the 28 member countries’ rural policies.


(01 October 2020) - “Which future do you want in rural areas?” - From May to August 2020, 3 436 people from 26 different countries answered the survey carried out by ELARD, the European association of LEADER groups, in cooperation with REDR, the Spanish rural development network. The results have just been published.


(01 July 2020) - The European Commission has just published a report, co-written by AEIDL, collecting 71 good practice cases on how public buyers have implemented socially responsible public procurement (SRPP).


(08 June 2020) - A consortium of volunteers with collaborators from ECOLISE and the Transition Towns Network has designed and launched a short questionnaire, in 12 languages, on ordinary people’s changing behaviour and attitudes to their food arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.