Paysan autrement

(02 March 2020) - A former collaborator and long-time friend of AEIDL, Daniel Pujol has just published Paysan autrement (Farmer otherwise), a book that retraces 35 years of experience in the world of agriculture in France and elsewhere in Europe. The book is an original testimony of a rural development activist.


(24 January 2020) - By building on lessons learned from the Portuguese Social Innovation Initiative, a new fi-compass publication delivers insights and advice for the adoption of a so-called ‘ecosystem approach‘, whereby all the needs and aspects of social economy stakeholders are addressed and factored into the policy tools.


(21 January 2020) - Nordregio, the Nordic Centre for Spatial Development, published in 2017 a report “Social Innovation in Local Development in the Nordic Countries and Scotland”, which is still a benchmark for remote rural areas.


(02 December 2019) - A seminar on the theme ‘What future for changing Alentejo?’ was organised by CARMEN and AEIDL in Portugal. The debates highlighted the need to build a shared vision of what a sustainable future should look like for this region.