(11 June 2019) - Eight sites for world-class supercomputing centres have been selected across the EU to host the first European supercomputers.


The hosting sites will be located in Sofia (Bulgaria), Ostrava (Czechia), Kajaani (Finland), Bologna (Italy), Bissen (Luxembourg), Minho (Portugal), Maribor (Slovenia), and Barcelona (Spain).

They will support the development of major applications in domains such as personalised medicine, drug and material design, bio-engineering, weather forecasting, and climate change.

In total, 19 of the 28 countries participating in the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC) will be part of the consortia operating the centres.

Together with EU funds, it represents a total budget of € 840 million. The exact funding arrangements for the new supercomputers will be reflected in hosting agreements that will be signed soon.

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