(16 May 2019) - On the occasion of the 2019 European Maritime Day conference in Lisbon, the European Commission launches the second edition of its EU Blue Economy Report.

EU Blue Economy Report 2019
© European Commission

The EU Blue Economy Report analyses the scope and size of the Blue Economy in the European Union, providing a baseline to support policymakers and stakeholders in the quest for a sustainable development of oceans, sea and coastal resources.

According to the most recent figures, the established sectors of the EU Blue Economy directly employed over 4 million people, generated €658 billion of turnover and €180 billion of gross value added (GVA) in 2017.

High growth rates can be observed in traditional sectors as well as the emerging ones. GVA for coastal tourism, marine living resources and port activities has grown by over 20% over the last decade.

The EU Blue Economy Report 2019


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