(06 December 2019) - In 2018, 1.1 billion passengers travelled by air in the EU, up by 6% compared with 2017 and by 43% compared with 2010. Over this period, air passenger transport has steadily risen in the EU.


(05 December 2019) - The European Commission has selected 75 promising start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the largest funding round so far of the pilot phase of the European Innovation Council (EIC).


(04 December 2019) - Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, France, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Finland have agreed to work with ten other EU countries towards the development of a quantum communication infrastructure (QCI) across Europe.


(03 December 2019) - Finland’s EU presidency has proposed a budget equal to 1.06% of the bloc’s gross national income (GNI) for 2021-2027, below the ambition of the European Commission and Parliament.


(02 December 2019) - The Luxembourger now retires after several decades of high-level EU politics.